Back from Turkey


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Hey everyone!

Once again, I realised that I haven’t touched this blog in ages … it’s the usual excuse I guess -nothing exciting- I was just really busy lately. IAs, IOAs and the EE are coming up (IB students will understand me, everyone else take a side notice that I am refering to Internal Assessments, Individual Oral Assessments and – scray- the Extended Essay). Besides that: a TOK presentation …. I figured I just won’t sleep and eventually start drinking coffee. 😉 …just kidding.

Anyways, what I was actually going to talk about is our AMAZING MUN trip to Antalya. After some hyper- intense preparation sessions in the library beforehand, we left on Sunday (March 1st) and came back on Sunday (March 8th). We travelled from Dilijan across the border to Georgia (landborder to Turkey is closed due to ongoing conflicts), then took the plane from Tiblisi to Istanbul and then another plane from Instanbul to Antalya. In Antalya, we were kindly welcomed by sun, sea, beach and literally like 25°C. 😉 Well…. I’ll just say it over and over again, it was the most awesome week ever!

We were 17 people from UWC Dilijan (15 students and two teachers), spread out in several different committees. I was (I think I actually mentioned that previously…) representing the Republic of Korea (yes, that’s the South) in the DISEC which is concerned with disarmament and international security. We had five days of very interesting and intense debate on two agenda items: the Global Reduction of Military Expenditures and the Eradication of Weaponry and Other Methods of Armed Conflict Prohibited by International Law. It was a lot of fun giving speeches and discussing with other delegates since after all we were 10 people on my committee. I think the whole conference had something like 650ish participants ….

Here are some pictures so that you can imagine what it looked like: 😉

Discussions got intense when it came down to negotiating about resolutions that needed to be passed. We spent a lot of time writing resolutions, figuring out tactics and preparing speeches which eventually lead to a situation in which none of us was able to talk normally anymore – we are all hopelessly stuck in that diplomat English. But by talking to allies and for five days straight dealing intensely with international politics we made new friends and met a whole bunch of incredibly nice and smart people. And after all: attending an international MUN conference and dealing with subjects that you are passionate about is way better than any other vacation in Turkey could ever have been. 🙂 And there was more unexpected news to come: I got awarded „Best Delegate“ in my committee – that really hit me by surprise during the closing ceremony on Friday! The whole event ended with a huge party on a yacht in one of the bays close to Antalya.

That was about it … I hope I could give you guys at least a brief overview of what happened last week and let you know that I have not yet forgotten about the existence of this blog. I hope I’ll be able to upload more MUN pictures (I think there are some cool ones around) as soon as I can get hold of them.

All the best from (once again) Armenia,


CAs becomes CAS and Philospohers go to Scottland


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Բարեւ ձեզ:

I haven’t postet too much right before break, now there is even more stuff to tell you guys about. 😉

I guess, I best start off with our (not yet too remarkable) progression in terms of Armenian. Yeah, our Armenian lessons have indeed finaly started this week. We are all pretty excited about that – however, it makes you feel very much like being back in elementary school once again. Learning an alphabet at the age of six might be hard; learning the ARMENIAN alphabet at the age of about 18 is harder. But we are slowly progressing. I also realise how much I admire the Armenian students who know the Armenian, Russian and English alphabet !

(- Please imagine there was a really nice and smooth transition from the topic „Armenian“ to „CAS“-)

As some of you might know, our CAS has been lacking its S („Service“) so far. Well, I’m happy to say that this changed. 😉 each of us is now involved in at least one community engagement activity. I’m now going to a nearby village called Margahovit every friday together with Lucia and Havier form Spain, Jonas from Lithuania and Mbongi from South Africa. We meet with a local Youth Group and plan different activities together. Today was our first visit in Margahovit and we went for a hike. A nice opportunity to get to know each other! I’d put up some pics but I have to fix my camera first …..

And there were even more news today: the Philosophy and History Higher Level – people are going to Scottland for a week at the end of April. We are going to Glasgow, Edinburgh and meet Prince Charles who is in some way or the other connected to our donors…. At first, I got really excited. Right after that, I became rather critical about the whole thing. And now, I decided I need some time to make up my mind about what I should think about the trip. I therefore regard this blog post as a neutral annoucement of the latest news. Just to make that clear 😉 😉

Take care and have nice weekend 🙂

Getting ready for MUN…


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Hey people !

I just got back from a MUN meeting and we got our countries for the international conference in Turkey next month.

In case I haven’t mentioned it so far: we are about 15 to 20 students from our Model United Nations Group who are flying to Antalya/Turkey for a couple of days in early March. This will be my very first international conference and I’ll represent the Republic of South Korea in the first General Assembly (GA1) which is the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC).

I’m quite excited right now …. anyhow – pressure is on !


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There and Back again


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7493359938_e929b1d9b8_zI feel like I haven’t been bloging in ages. In fact, there was a lot of stuff going on before Christmas such as End of Term Exams and – unsurprisingly- a lot of studying coming with it. However, telling you about all those things does not seem overly interesting right now…

I went home for Winter break on Dec 18th, also, Lina from Malaysia was coming with me. It was amazing to be home over Christmas, while I enjoyed some German vegetarian food again! Seeing friends and family again was great, even though towards the end of my stay I felt like three weeks weren’t actually enough to catch up with everyone. Lina and me also went to Berlin for a couple of days as this was my parent’s birthday present to me.

… well those were just some little impressions. Anyways, we spent some really cool (literally ! It was freezing) days there.

Last but not least, we visited Robert Bosch UWC in Freiburg, It looks nice and we were quite surprised by how open they were in terms of visitors. We enjoyed a little house tour by some of my German Co-years. By seeing everyone again, I was very much reminded of the UWC selection that we went through all together and of the Zero-First Year Meeting last summer when we had not yet started our UWC adventure. It was weird but also fascinating to see what everyone is up to, bein a part of the UWC movement.

My winter break in Germany was really awesome and cosy which made it kind of hard to go back to Armenia. I was looking forward to seeing people again but I felt like I could also have extended the time for a couple of more weeks. Flying back to Armenia was like going away from home once again, however, the closer we got to Armenia it changed into coming home. My new excitement then recieved a little shock when arrived in Yerevan early this morning and found out that one of our bags had gone missing. Luckily we called the airline a few hours go and were told that the bag is on its way from Kiev right now. It is supposed to be delivered to the College tomorrow morning … cross you fingers that this will come true, please ! 😉

Oh… and besides a missing suitcase, 22 kg (exactly 22,0. I’m not even kidding) have made their way to Dilijan with me. That should last for the next weeks:


On the move


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Since Sunday night, there are two reasons to get super excited:

1. It’s snowing again and where are already at a fair hight of about 10cm ! 😉

2. Yesterday, we finaly moved into our (final) rooms that only have four people in there instead of six. Two out of four Toons (including mine) are now living on the Mountainside instead of the Riverside. The whole moving process was fairly chaotic – since Monday night everyone was doing their best to not get sucked in by the vacuum cleaner, lost or killed in the chaos of bags, suitcases, pillows, confused, sleepy students and different languages all over the place.

However, with everyone’s help, we eventually managed to move all our stuff into the new rooms and now each of us is in the proud posession of not just a bed but also a bedside table, a cupboard, shelfs and a desk 😉

„Ein Hut, ein Stock, ein Regenschirm“: Project week


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On Friday we returned from our first mini- project week. So I figured it was time for a new blog post. 😉

For all non- UWCers: we have project weeks two times a year. It basically means that we are split up into groups of about seven to ten people and two teachers, travel for a week and get engaged in different projects.

As this was our first project week ever, we were off campus for three days and all groups stayed within the country to get to know several NGOs and to improve our understanding of the different communities.

My group went to Noyemberyan, a town near Azerbaijan and Georgia, about 3km from the Azerbaijan border.

Here: Screenshot (13)

We were guided by two American Peace Corps volunteers who work with NGOs in Noyemberyan. They took us to the YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association) that provides support for women in Noyemberyan, including a bunch different projects such as job and skill trainings. We visited a local kindergarden which is run by the YWCA. Here are some pictures:

We also visited a local high school. We were welcomed very nicely and got to talk to the local students. Some of them also attended a meeting with regional youth groups on Friday which turned out to be not just a lot of fun but also very productive. It seems that the news about UWC Dilijan have spread in pretty much every corner of Armenia and it was interesting to hear the student’s questions as well as their ideas for future projects that we could run together. Once we got into talking, I really enjoyed the interested and welcoming atmosphere in the room – I’m still amazed by the way those kids are constantly trying to bring their community forward. Regardless the limted resources or the lack of support by their government.

I really enjoyed the trip to Noyemberyan. We had a lot of fun and I enjoyed discovering new parts of Armenia. By the way: Even the three- hour – bus trip from Dilijan to Noyemberyan is already worth it. The landscape is gorgeous (did I mention that we already had the first snow fall ?!) and an amazing group and loud music makes it even more fun. 😉

At the end: a few more pics that I couldn’t categorize in any of the ones above …. enjoy watching. All the best from Dilijan,